Alleged Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video scandal part 2 leaked on Facebook | The sequel

What's happening in the industry today?! Several video scandal have been ignited in the past month without even allowing us to cope in every instances of our lives! LOL

Again, the Chito Miranda-Neri Naig saga still ongoing due to the video leakers  -where highly nasty- have not been traced yet. As per Chito, he himself report to the NBI to ask for help in tracing the brains of the spreading of his video scandal with girlfriend Neri Naig.

As soon as they would be able to find out who the leaker/s is/are, Chito assure to file charges against him/her/them. Well, that's very legal and we will now leave that to the court.

Meanwhile, today, September 30, the Chito-Neki scandal continues as their alleged second video scandal or the Part 2 of their "private" doing has been leaked online, specifically on Facebook which draws again so much attention from netizens!.

With this new discovery, the unresolved controversy continues and no one knows when it will be concluded.

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