Alleged Wally Bayola scandal video goes viral

Eat Bulaga host and comedian Wally Bayola has reportedly having a video scandal which spreads easily through the world wide web. The alleged scandal was similar to Chito Miranda-Neri Naig thingy. According to source, the girl involve was EB Babe Yosh.

Here are some of the screenshots of Wally Bayola scandal :

if you're a regular viewer of eat bulaga, you could easily notice her

What more scandalous about this one is that Wally is already a married man with two kids, while Yosh isn't even his wife.

Meanwhile, netizens all over the web are curious, sending raging comments about the new scandalous issue:

Whoever leaked the video through facebook has maybe got a personal hatred to the two, or just to ensure a "publicity" whatsoever nature it is.

By the way, the video has not yet confirmed if the two involved are really Wally and EB Babe Yosh. And maybe, Eat Bulaga!'s episode later this afternoon will surely be much-anticipated because people would want to hear Wally's side about the scandalous video.

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