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Chito Miranda, Angel Locsin video scandal to be released soon?

Another video scandal is allegedly opt to go online, involving Chito Miranda once again, and Kapamilya Superstar Angel Locsin.

According to a not so reliable source, the video scandal is yet to be released and just awaiting go signal to spread online. It seems like the perpetrator is blackmailing the Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist, and most probably he/she is the same person who leaked the intimate private video between Chito and her current girlfriend Neri Naig.

The source also indicated that Angel was terrified that the private video between her and Chito may leak. Here is the not so reliable source statement:  "Takot si Angel na baka may magleak na video nina Chito at siya." It also added that Angel's former boyfriend,  football player Phil Younghusband, maybe astound if ever he would see the alleged video scandal.

Phil reportedly had a descent view on things, and this kind of stuff is something he couldn't tolerate. Apparently, even though the latter could efficiently appalled the football heartthrob.

For you to know, Phil and Angel had already broke up this month, but they were still friends. It was a mutual decision for them to end their relationship.

Prior to Phil and Neri, Angel has been linked to Chito -for the two were close friends and spotted together in some events. By that time, Chito and Angel neither confirm nor deny their rumored romance.

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Daniel Padilla not courting Julia Barretto, says Karla Estrada

Rumor isn't true about reigning Teen King Daniel Padilla is courting Julia Baretto contrary to the report that the teen superstar visited Marjorie Barretto's daughter on the set of upcoming Kapamilya teleserye   Mirabella where allegedly he expressed his feelings to the pretty teen.

According to Karla Estrada, Daniel's mother, the reason why Daniel visited the set of Mirabella because the soap's taping place was just across the street from their home.

"Katapat lang kasi, tapat lang ng bahay namin 'yung shoot kaya tumawid lang si Daniel," Karla said.

In addition, the production crew of Mirabella were the same team who handled Growing Up, Daniel and Kathryn's (Bernardo) first ever TV project together which made themselves viral to teenagers and brought their loveteam  to fame.

To add further proof, for the sake of the KathNiels out there, this rumor has no basis and can't be ever happened. Why? because Daniel's father Rommel Padilla is related to Julia's father Dennis Padilla, and it's like the two famous Kapamilya teens are cousins. So there's no sense for Daniel Padilla to court Julia Barretto.

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UAAP heartthrobs Arnold Van Opstal, Thomas Torres show off abs on 'GGV'

The audience of "Gandang Gabi Vice" gone wild when UAAP Season 76 hotties Arnold Van Opstal and Thomas Torres flaunt their abs in from of them.

Vice Ganda conducted the "ramp modelling" thingy and the two basketball players ridiculously look good.

Meanwhile, Arnold Van Opstal, or simply "AVO", (his moniker coming from his full name initials), has been in the world of modelling (not in ramp) for quite sometime now. He also posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine earlier this year.

Catch the video below:

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AUF Student Leonard Joseph Torres jumps from top of a condominium (SUICIDE VIDEO)

An AUF (Angeles University Foundation) student named Leonard Joseph Torres commits suicide by jumping from the 27th floor of a high-rise building.

Some false report identified Torres as a student of University Of Sto. Tomas (UST), but according to Authorities he is from Angeles University Foundation. He is a 19-year-old student who's taking up Physical Therapy. Torres is currently on his fourth year and said to be graduated by 2014.

The incident happened on October 27, 2013, and went viral online after being uploaded on YouTube. Torres is dead on the spot after crashing into the rooftop of Light Rail Transit's rectifying power.

WARNING: This video is not suitable for children and NSFW:

Specifically, he fell from the 27th floor of Kassel building in Malate, Manila at Sunday, 1:45 pm, and pronounced dead due to severe head injury.

Meanwhile, Police reported that Torres committed suicide because of his anger to his parents for the reason of forcing him to take a course he doesn't like.

Torres allegedly left a suicide note, stating:

"Im not a P.T. All those days that I tried. I failed I thought that it would get better but it didn't. It get worst. I was giving up,until today where I can't do anything. Anymore. I give up."

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Ariella Arida looks so hot in official Miss Universe 2013 swimsuit photo

Miss Universe 2013's website has released the official swimsuit photos for the candidates and our country's bet Ariella "Ara"Arida really stood out!

Other candidates who look fierce in the official swimsuit photos are Miss Australia, Miss Brazil, Miss Argentina, and Miss Russia! But for me, they all placed just before our Ara Arida!

Next week, Ariella and her fellow candidates will vye for series of competitions in Russia, and looks like she has a better chance to win competitions as she was being loved by some fashion authorities in Moscow.

In fact, she was recently chosen as one of the contestants to walk the runway for the Tony Ward Couture show at the fabulous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Also, there is also an announcement that Mercedes-Benz will include Ara in their upcoming TV commercial that to be aired after the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant. The commercial will also be shown at russian Airways throughout the year.

The anticipations and competitions goes tougher and fiercer as the road to the coronation night gets closer, that will happen on November 9, and to be aired via satellite on November 10 at Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN.


Phoemela Baranda admits having a 14-year-old daughter

TV host and model Phoemela Baranda shocks everyone in her premium exclusive interview with Buzz Ng Bayan, as she revealed that she has a 14 years old daughter named Kim.

Phoemela hid her daughter for 15 years to protect her image then, as a model. But when asked what triggered her to finally came up with her biggest revelation, she explained: 

“When my mom died, it served as my wake up call that I need to be Kim's mom. Dalaga na anak ko.”

Kim learnt the truth at the age of 11. And within 11 years, Phoemela kept on hiding her true identity, and perhaps, acknowledged Kim as her sister, sometime as her niece. This time, Kim's skepticism takes place.

When asked if what's her side about this, the 14-year-old said:

“I really didn't know who she was, if she was my sister or she was my aunt.”

Until time comes, Phoemela decided to reveal who she really was in Kim's life. And when Kim found out the truth, she embraced everything, and understood that Phoemela did it for security reason.

“In-explain naman sa akin na they did it for security reasons and for her career. I know how showbiz is. I understood it naman. I looked at it at a different perspective because I know that they did it for a reason,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kim told Buzz Ng Bayan that she haven't met her father yet, adds that she was contented with everything, and insisted Phoemela serves as her mom and dad.


A journey to the ruins

The Province of Bohol is one of the most beautiful creations God given to us. This small island is located in the heart of the Philippines - from Central Visayas region, where you also could find various pretty places such as Cebu, Siquijor, and  Negros Oriental.

Bohol is rich in tourist spots. Some of them includes heritage sites, white beaches, long ziplines , a river cruise, tarsier sanctuaries, the chocolate hills, and many more. Thus, making Bohol as one of the top tourist destinations in the country, inline with Cebu, Bagiuo City, Palawan, and Davao.

Tourism in Bohol is the major source of income to many Boholanos. They strive hard just to provide foods to eat in their dining tables and to support other basic need of their families.

The province through many years governs a peaceful surroundings, in fact you could rarely find a news on TV about Bohol being a chaotic Province. And the people of the Province show benevolent attitude everytime they encounter tourists or strangers. This is Bohol, and this is what made Bohol a gem for fellow Countrymen.

As time goes by, nature somewhat do not assure us to live in full  grace, steadily. Unfortunately, a major destruction was able to hit the entire Province of Bohol, including her neighboring Provinces in the Central Visayas region. The devastation comes in a form of an earthquake, a very powerful earthquake at a magnitude of 7.2 - that brought whole Province of Bohol and its people into a shocking disaster.

Exactly at 8:12 a.m., on Tuesday, Octobern 15, 2013, a very strong magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook Bohol and neighboring Provinces. The earthquake devastated structures such as houses, buildings, bridges, landmarks, and old centuries old Churches. This tragic event put Bohol on National news.

Upon seeing the heartbreaking destruction of the heritage Churches, I, personally think why God allowed this catastrophe to happen. These Churches were the lives of all Boholanos and in a minute of destruction suddenly these beautiful Churches turned into rubble.

Days later, I personally went to the ruined old Churches. The first Church I visited was the Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Church or the Baclayon Church, the second oldest stone Church in Asia.

This is very distressing. You can see the bell tower is ruined and the facade of the Church went down.

The Second Church that I visited was the Holy Trinity Church in the town of Loay.

In there, the lamentation of the devotees is very heartbreaking. And what adds pain for the people is the deterioration of this reflection of our Savior:

this is sorrowful :(

The third and last Church I was able to visit is the Church Of San Pedro Apostol, or the  Loboc Church. Below are the pictures of the earthquake's aftermath in the town:

this is the tower which is broke along the highway

the facade of the San Pedro Apostol Church went down, heartbreaking

the elevator that will brought you to the viewing bridge became a leaning tower.

a huge crack besides the Loboc river

With this calamity, we hope that the People of Bohol and the other victims will recover in the near future, and even be more stronger in rebuilding their place and themselves forward to overcome the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Bohol will rise soon!

Michael V returns to TV5; to host Philippine version of 'Killer Karaoke'

One of the country's famous comedian, Michael V, returns to Kapatid Network, where he is said to host the Philippines version of hit US TV show "Killer Karaoke," entitling "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman."

photo credit:

Michael V is a versatile comedian, so whatever he does will surely be a hit to our TV viewing habits. Michael V now opt to go back and forth between two giant networks  GMA7 and TV5 (both have a contract with the comedian).

"Killer Karaoke" is a major hit in the USA, UK, Russia, Argentina some other countries. The show's format is kinda hilarious, where the contestants performs their songs while doing easy to hard challenges. Challenges of each round includes Big Stank (where the contestant sings while being destructed by heavyweight strippers), Hair Raiser (the contestant's various  body hair clear away by means of a strip wax treatment), and Puppet Master ( where the contestant gets in a suit together with another man that will control their movements througout the song) among others. The winner is to be picked by a popular vote of the live studio audience.

The Philippine version is set to make our jaws drop on November 16, at TV5's Saturday primetime block.


Mo Twister died in a car accident: hoax!

Controversial DJ Mo Twister reportedly died in a car accident last October 22, 2013, where his car collides with another car at South Suerhighway, according to blog site alternativnewsfilipinas.

The blog also stated that Mo Twister was allegedly drunk because he's completely nak*d while driving. It allso stated that the DJ's remains is to be laid in Villa Funraria at Joker Street in Balete Drive, Quezon City, and will be open to public.

THE TRUTH: The above reports are all hoax! There is no truth that Mo Twister died in a car accident!

In fact, the DJ was able to update his account and made various posts, days after the date above mentioned, and he didn't even tweet any statement regarding with his "supposedly" death. Maybe he thinks that it is too immature to care with this one.

Adding to this, we could easily notice that the blog site itself posted various of FALSE reports. Maybe they just wanted to get attention, by making odd and false articles, similar to other hoax websites like The Onion., The Spoof, and Hollywood Leek.

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Angel Locsin confirms breakup with Phil Younghusband

Kapamilya superstar Angel Locsin finally confirms breakup with Football heartthrob Phil Younghusband.

This is according to Angel's post on her Twitter account earlier today, October 25:

"Sa lahat po ng nagtatanong kung totoo bang hiwalay na kami ni Phil, Totoo po.”

Angel made a decision to break her silence about the breakup to ends speculations and false reports, especially when she reportedly confirmed the split on different entertainment websites.

The two people she only informed about the breakup are her manager Chit Ramos and KrisTV headwriter Darla Sauler.

Angel didn't elaborate what causes the breakup, hence she just stated that it is a "mutual decision."

This is Angel's full statement:

"This is my official statement: Sa mga naglalabasang balita kung saan na-quote po na nag pa-interview ako, hindi po ito totoo. Wala pa po akong nakakausap about the issue dahil sa totoo lang po hindi ko pa ho kayang kumausap ng kahit sino sa press at nag si-sink in pa lang po samin ngayon ang lahat ng ito. Pasensya na po. Dalawa pa lang po ang nakausap ko, Si Manay Ethel na manager ko at si Darla na sinagot ko lang po ang text sa akin dahil naramdaman ko ang sincerity niya although hindi po ako directly nagsalita about sa amin ni Phil. It was also off the record. Sa lahat po ng nagtatanong kung totoo bang hiwalay na kami ni Phil, Totoo po. Sana po maintindihan nyo kung hindi na po namin sasabihin ang dahilan..pero maayos po kaming naghiwalay at mutual decision po ito. Pasensya na po kung hindi po kami makasagot agad tungkol sa status ng aming relasyon. Lalong-lalo na po sa mga sumuporta sa aming dalawa. Hindi po namin kayo binalewala... mahirap lang po talaga kung nasa ganitong sitwasyon. Nagulat na lang kami na naunahan na kami ng balita bago pa man kami makapagusap uli. Salamat po sa lahat ng sumubaybay at sumuporta sa journey namin ni Phil lalo na ho dito sa twitter. Hinding-hindi po namin malilimutan."

We could still remember that Phil and Angel began dating on February 2011, after they each other communicate through Twitter. One year after, they officially became a couple. Until they decided to call it quits this year.

Talented blind girl Joyce Jimenez from Davao Oriental singing 'Wrecking Ball' (VIRAL VIDEO)

A new viral video is currently making abuzz on social media. The video shows a very talented young girl named Joyce Jimenez (obviously not the actress one) singing Miley Cyrus hit "Wrecking Ball" with her magnificent voice while using a braille system.

The braille system, created by Louis Braille, was commonly used by people with disabilities to communicated.

With her emotional rendition, Joyce is now gradually becoming a YouTube singing sensation. She's now following the footsteps of today's YouTube superstars!

Joyce is a grade 5 student, hailed from Davao Oriental. Upon the rise of this inspiring viral video, we hope that this young and very talented girl's dreams will do come true.

Experience her golden voice below and be proud:

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Sarah Geronimo's bra loosens during 'It's Showtime' performance (VIDEO)

Pop superstar, the one and only Sarah Geronimo almost looses her bra during her performance for ABS-CBN's number one noontime show "It's Showtime."

During that time, the superstar only wears a flimsy, semi-transparent white blouse, and a black bra, visible in it. And while performing, the brad began to loose, getting lower and lower until the superstar noticed it and took it lightly every time.

After her bombastic performance, Sarah humorously explained about the little wardrobe malfunction, saying:

"Ten years na ako sa business, pero nalalaglag pa rin ho 'yung bra ko!” she said, laughing."

Watch the video below:

By the way, Sarah was on "It's Showtime" to promote her tenth anniversary concert entitled "Perfect 10" that will happen on November 15, at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Ervic Vijandre's rage against Mo Twister intensifies

Controversial disk jockey Mo Twister, or Mohan Gumatay in real life, is once again put himself on the spotlight - for the reason of bashing Miss Universe-Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida. And to rescue, Ariella's suitor Ervic Vijandre fires back on Gumatay on a Twitter war.

The altercation started when Gumatay made a statement against Ariella regarding her comment on how Latinas can'y speak good English, in her recent interviaw with ANC. See below her comment:

“To really express myself, to convey a message to the people.” “Especially, Latinas cannot even speak a sentence, right? I mean, a complete sentence, in English.”

With the statement above several netizenz were dismayed, including the very controversial Mohan Gumatay. Gumatay then posted the videoclip containing his opinion on the caption provided regarding with the ANC interview on his instagram account, with a lengthy message that read:
I don't intend to bash on our Ms Philippines here but how the **** is this not considered offensive toward Latinas? I mean, we ALWAYS get so sensitive when someone says anything about us Filipinos (see Dan Brown, Alec Baldwin, and every other time we screamed murder) yet our girl representing our country, in a legit interview regarding the competition, says Latinas can't put a sentence together in English. That would royally piss me off if I were of Latin descent. I'm pretty sure we would lose our minds if we heard an interview of a contestant saying "Filipinos can't string a sentence together" and our Senator/Congressman would persona non grata that bitch immediately. I'm also quite certain that a few of the Latina contestants can cook up a few intelligible lines in English that would leave Ariella here dizzy in her heels. Best of luck to her in the competition. Now back to my NBA Fantasy Team.
After receiving negative feedbacks about her statement on ANC, Ariella made a public apology through this:

"OM sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone from my last interview. I hope you guys can understand what Im trying to say."
Gumatay was not contented with the above statement, hence adding this post on Twitter:
Who cares about winning the crown, I'd be more concerned that a Latin media outlet picking it up & pissing off an entire population & she-and she gets booed on stage during the pageant. I wouldn't be so harsh if it were a sitcom but it was a news interview about the pageant.

When Vijandre found out that Gumatay is bashing his special girl Ariella, he then makes a brawl against Gumatay on Twitter, Instagram, with this post containing a screenshot about Gumatay's adverse to Ariella:

Bakla lang ang peg! Gusto yata maging beauty queen. Kulang ka sa Height teh!#littleladyboy.

Gumatay then made this comments regarding with the post above:


"Ingat bro, baka I might ask you what 7 x 8 is and it will scare you away. #BasketBallHeight #callBoyIntellect."

Ervic replied with this:

"Hahaha nice! @djmotwister"

Again, Guumatay with another lengthy post  differs him:

"Nice? Thanks counselor! Sayang nga, it would have been nice to have a counselor who uses ‘the’ in sentences. Oh well, maybe next election. Maybe you can find another way to alienate the gay vote. Oh Eric, alienate means, “to feel that she or he no longer belongs in a particular group, society, etc."

Ervic, who didn't win on his candidacy as a councilor for Taguis City, answered:

@djmotwister translation pls…I’m ‘bobo’ for that language. Oh wait I’ll read the reply after my last dance!

Ervic then made a follow up post against Gumatay, where he revealed a controversial past:

Suspended kasi ako for 5months. Wala na ako pambayad ng rent dito. #salingpusa ako sa isyu dyan pls. I need to pay the rent. @djmotwister#littleladyboy

Suddenly, when a bothered fan interacts with them, Vijandre made this humorous reply:

With Ariella journey to Miss Universe, the commotion between the two male starlets is still propagating.

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Jugs, Karylle, Teddy in a mind-boggling 'Magpasikat' performance on 'It's Showtime' (VIDEO)

Jugs, Karylle, and Teddy's performance for the 4th anniversary of Kapamilya noontime show "It's Showtime" wowed the crowd for their mind-boggling presentation.

The three co-hosts amazed everyone as they perform the theme song of "It's Showtime" - in a backward manner! Initially, the audience, as well as their fellow co-hosts, were confused with their presentation and almost think their perfromance is so "out of this world."

In the end of the first half of their number, they revealed the magic behind their greatest performance yet.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, here are netizens response about their "magical" performance:

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Passenger bus explodes in Russia (VIDEO FOOTAGE)

Atleast six people were reportedly killed and dozens injured after a blasting of a bus in the southern Russian City of Volgograd, which was reportedly done by a suicide bomber.

A suspected female suicide bomber blew herself, killing six people and injured several passengers and bypassers.

Russia's official news agency RIA Novosti, reported the the blast, adding:

"By evening, 28 people had been taken to hospital, including eight in serious condition, a city public health official told RIA Novosti. Around 50 people were believed to be riding the bus at the time of the blast.
"The explosion took place at about 2 p.m. local time (10:00 GMT) in the Kransoarmeisk district in Volgograd, a city formerly known as Stalingrad."

Passengers in a panic modes go out of doors and windows as the bus which was  engulfed by cloud of smoke came to a stop.

An eyewitness who had been driving near the bus told Russian televsion-24: "There was a blast - a bang - all the glass flew out of the windows," he said.

"The cloud of smoke quickly dissipated and then I saw people start to fall out and run out to escape the bus,"

"It was a horrible sight," he added.

Watch the video footage here:

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NAIA Employees playing video games caught in the act!

A viral photo is currently circulating on social media where two employees from NAIA were playing video games in their counter in working hours.

The viral photo then immediately reported to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and they opt to implement disciplinary actions against the two employees who were seen playing games such as Candy Crush on their computer while in duty at the NAIA.

Netizens fired up against NAIA again after they have further bolstered the airport's status as the worst in the world.

Photo from Fashion Pulis.

Amy Perez returns to ABS-CBN

TV host and actress Amy Perez returns to Kapamilya Network officially!

Today, October 22, 2013, the former Kapatid host inked a contract with ABS-CBN, together with her handler and some big bosses of the network. This is the TV host's return to ABS-CBN after four years.

In the contract, Amy is said to do a hosting stint via The Singing Bee, which was last hosted by Cesar Montano. The show will be the reunion project for Amy Perez and Roderick Paulate (also a returning Kapamilya) in ABS-CBN for more than seven years, who is reportedly part of the show.

There is also a rumor about the reincarnation of hit sitcom "Palibhasa Lalake" after the return of Amy Perez, with the same old cast, which mostly of them are now with ABS-CBN like Carmina Villarroel, Richard Gomez, and Joey Marquez.

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Ariella Arida flies to Russia for Miss Universe 2013 pageant

Ariella "Ara" Arida, Philippines' bet for the 2013 Miss Universe was so poised to win the crown as she walked into the VIP section of NAIA Terminal 2 for her journey to Moscow Russia for the most prestigious crown in the Universe!

photo  from youtube

Ara will compete 86 other beauties from around the globe. The pressure for Ara is intense as she MUST win the most prestigious crown because two other beauties this year, namely Mutya Datul (who won Miss Supranational 2013) and Megan Young (who won Miss World 2013) have bring home their respective crowns.

If ever Ara win, this will be the third title for the Philippines after Gloria Diaz (1969) and Margie Moran (1973). For the past 3 years, Philippines had been consistently in The Top 5 and the rankings gone better each year. In 2010, Venus Raj placed 5th, Shamcey Supsup ranked fourth in 2011, while Janine Tugonon almost grabbed the crown as she place second in 2012 Miss Universe.

Meanwhile Ara cleared controversies on ABS-CB News about her "communication skills" issue.

"I don't mind using translator," she said.
"Pero pagdating ko dun, I know I can do it. I know I can deliver." she added.

The Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant will be aired this November 9 via satellite on ABS-CBN.

To help Ara in winning the crown, you can actually vote for her through Hurry, and power vote!

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'Honesto' to debut this October 28 (Trailer)

ABS-CBN brings you another inspiring drama that gives moral lessons to each and everyone that will stir up and enlightens our hearts.

The new series will star new child wonder Miguel Vergara as he will carry the prime role as "Honesto" and a stellar cast, such as Eddie Garcia, Joel Torre, Noni Buencamino, Paulo Avelino, Joseph Marco, Maricar Reyes, Melissa Ricks, Spanky Manikan, Angel Aquino, and Janice de Belen.

The story of Honesto is quite similar to the story of Pinocchio, where his nose gets bigger whenever he tells lies.

You can watch the trailer here:

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Angel Locsin's 'The Legal Wife' teaser

For almost three year, Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN finally announced the comeback of the one and only Kapamilya Superstar Angel Locsin.

This is due to the rage of the avid fans of the actress who missed her so much seeing on TV. Now, as the fans request has been granted, Angel Locsin will return to Primetime bida via a heavy drama "The Legal Wife." Before they came up with the final title, they used "Tubig at Langis" as a working title months prior to the TV teaser.

"The Legal Wife" is not just a typical "affair" story, but the story itself tacles the strong hold and the valuability of marriage that will surely rock your primetime viewing habit.

Other cast to join Angel Locsin in her big comeback are Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and newest Kapamilya Jc De Vera. 

Watch the teaser here:

With no tentative playdate, "The Legal Wife" will premiere within the last quarter this year.

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Pinoy Big Brother Season 5 teaser released

Pinoy Big Brother season 5 teaser has been released after its announcement last August. Are you excited for this new big season?

Catch the primary teaser here:

Meanwhile, you can check the following audition dates:

Davao City - October 26 (12 to 17 years old), October 27 ( 18 to 35 years old).
Cebu City - November 9 (12 to 17 years old) and November 10 (18 to 35 years old).
Quezon City audition dates is yet to be announced.

(you may also check other audition dates here)

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Freddie Aguilar's 16-yr-old girlfriend Jovi Gatdula speaks up; face revealed

The controversial girlfriend of Freddie Aguilar who is only 16 years old has making abuzz to social media - curious of what she looks like or need to take a glimpse of her "teenage face" - within this week.

(see related article here)

Now, we will reveal to you her identity:
she looks 16, right?

In her interview with ABS-CBN News, together with Freddie Aguilar, Jovi Gatdula revealed that she loves the 60-year-old singer:

”Mahal ko siya. Wala na akong pakialam kung anong nakaraan niya, kung ano siya. Basta love ko siya, iyon ‘yon.”

The 16 years old lady recalled the times she and Aguilar first met during an election campaign in Oriental Mindoro. She said that she attended the campaign -which Aguilar was a guest - to see him in person. Aguilar then easily saw her as she stood out from her group of friends, where later he revealed that he fell in love with her at first sight.

When asked if she also felt "love at first sight" on first meeting the hitmaker, “Actually noong una, hindi eh. Akala ko joke lang eh. Kasi nga, ‘diba, celebrity siya eh. Ta’s ako simpleng tao lang ako do’n. Sabi ko, ‘Joke ba ‘to?" she said.

At that time, Aguilar then gave her a calling card, and vice-versa, after that they started to contact each other many times, until  they decided to meet up and spent time at Aguilar's house in Manila for 12 days.

Upon returning home, Gatdula somewhat started to think about Aguilar frequently. After that, she finally realized that she fell in love with the singer.

“Pag-uwi ko sa’min, do’n ko naramdaman na love ko na pala ‘yon. Akala ko joke lang. Pagdating ko sa’min, hindi ako makatulog, laging iniisip ko siya,” said the minor.

As time passed by, Aguilar and Gatdula seemed to be closer to each other, until Aguilar decided to ask Gatdula to be his girlfriend through text messaging. He asked, "Ano, pwede ba kita maging girlfriend?"
At first, Gatdula didn't reply to his sms,

“Hindi siya sumasagot. Sabi ko, ‘Ayaw siguro.’ So tinext back ko siya, ‘Okay lang naman kung ayaw mo. ‘Di bale nalang.’ Tapos nag-text siya sa’kin, ‘Hindi, busy lang kasi ako,’” he said.

Gatdula then shared how they came up to be officially as an item: “Sabi niya sa akin, ‘Ano, pwede ba kita maging girlfriend?’ Sabi ko naman, ‘Ha? Uh…’ Tapos tumawag siya. Hindi ko alam ang isasagot ko! Tapos pinatay ko, tapos sabi niya, ‘Okay lang naman kung ayaw mo eh, sabihin mo.’ “Tapos, sabi ko, ‘Teka.’ Tapos tinext ko siya ulit. ‘Busy lang ako kanina.’ Tapos text lang ako nang text. Tapos iyon na, doon na nagsimula,” said she.

Aguilar admits he didn't know Gatdula's age when they first met. But insisted that no matter what, he still love her despite of what her age is and how the odds cross their relationship.

“Ang naramdaman ko sa kanya, mahal ko siya, kahit pa sabihin mong 16,” Aguilar said.

“Ni hindi ko nga naisip na umatras eh. Ang naisip ko lang, ‘Anong magagawa ko, nandito na ‘to eh, na-inlove na ako eh.’ Paninindigan ko na ‘to,” he added.

On controversies

When netizens found out about the "unusual" pairing of Aguilar and Gatdula, they post their reactions:

Regarding with the controversies, Aguilar remains unfazed.

“Hindi ko alam kung may nilalabag akong batas. Kung meron man, ewan ko kung masasakop ng batas ang puso ko. Kasi nung Batas Militar din, ipinagbabawal ng batas ang mga kinakanta ko, pero kinakanta ko parin. Pwede nga akong mamatay nung mga panahon na ‘yon eh, pero hindi na sakop ng Batas Militar ang puso ko eh,” he said.

Gatdula then said, “Tao ako eh, hindi ako manhid.” “So masakit. Pero hindi ako nasasaktan sa mga komento nila eh, na kesyo ganito, ganito, ganito. Nasasaktan ako sa realidad ng buhay na baka isang araw, ‘yung relasyon namin ay masira dahil sa mga isyu na gano’n. ‘Yun lang," she added.

When asked if controversies will affect their relationship.

“Hindi natin masasabi, pero sana hindi. Sana huwag.”

As for the critics, she said: “Pag na-inlove kayo, maiintindihan niyo rin ako… Ako, nandito na ako sa stage na 16 palang ako, pero alam ko na na matured na ‘yung puso ko para magmahal. ‘Yun lang.”

Agular's daughter, Maegan, meanwhile defends her father on Facebook againsts the negative people, blasting: "Anong problema niyo?" “Mahigit na sa isang dekadang hiwalay si Tatay sa Nanay namin...6 kaming magkakapatid at sa tingin ko'y wala siyang naging pagkukulang bilang AMA sa amin. Lumaki kaming ‘independent’ and absolutely FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF SOCIETY. None of us are LIARS or CORRUPT like most people around us. And Tatay dating ‘JOVI GATDULA’ is no problem to any of us at all, desisyon nilang dalawa yun-walang nagpilit sa kanila na maging sila...SO ANONG PROBLEMA NIYO? Kasi INAMIN NI TATAY? anung masama dun? Anung masama kung nagpakatotoo siya? Sige nga!” she wrote.

Wedding plans

Aguilar plans to wed Gatdula in two years' time.

“Medyo maganda-ganda na ang takbo ng utak niya no’n, 18 na siya no’n eh. Baka malay mo, bukas, magising ‘to, mauntog ‘to, magbago isip nito,” he said.

He revealed that they considered having a civil wedding, but still hoping to exchange vows in Church, “Sa simbahan sana, kung pahintulutan kami makarating doon,” Aguilar said.

When asked if she's ready to tie the knot,she said: “Medyo, pero hindi pa gano’n kahanda. Kulang pa. Hindi pa sapat.”

Meanwhile, Let's take a look at the couple in their sweet moment:

what do you think?
Also, let me share to you the uncensored version of their "intimate kiss" photo:

The couple also revealed that their term of endearment is "babe."

Photo credits: Facebook and Twitter.

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PBA Finals 2013 Petron Blaze Boosters vs San Mig Coffee Game 4 live streaming

Today, October 18, 2013 is the Game 4 of the much anticipated finals between San Mig Coffee and Petron Blaze Boosters, at the Mall Of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

Thousands of fans flock at the spectacular arena to witness the hard hitting game of the two of the strongest team. Which team team will win the finals?

Watch the game 4 of PBA 2013 cup finals featuring San Mid Coffee versus Petron Blaze Boosters here: LINK

Current Satandings:

Petron Blaze - 2 wins; 1 loss
San Mig Coffee - 1 win; 2 losses


Austin Mahone hospitalized; cancels 'MTV Artist to Watch Tour'

Singing sensation Austin Mahone forced to cancel his currently "MTV Artist to Watch Tour" in accordance for the wake of his hospitalization.

The rising was rushed to the hospital due to bad flu with an ill 103 fever. His first series tour was originally set to start today, but later cancelled the first two dates as the singers flu worsened, unfortunately.

Austin's rep then told an entertainment website in a statement:

Due to illness, Austin Mahone will unfortunately have to postpone his sold out MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour to 2014. The singer, who fell ill earlier this week and already postponed his Miami and Orlando shows, is now on strict Dr.’s orders to stay on rest and will need to reschedule all dates on the tour. The tour featured support artists Becky G, Midnight Red, and W3 The Future. Ticket holders for the sold out tour will be notified of the new 2014 dates and all details as soon as possible.

Austin's mom Michele Mahone informed his fans through his Twitter account about the postponement of the tour due to the current situation of his son:

Hey Mahomies its @michelemahone Austin is very ill. Unfortunately we are going to have to postpone the entire MTV Artist to Watch Tour
Austin is very upset about this & we want to say we are sorry to all the Mahomies & their parents who have made arrangements to come out 

We feel very bad but we have no choice but to POSTPONE the tour for now. Thank you for your prayers 

Also she posted an instagram photo of Austin  laid at the hospital captioning “My poor baby… I cannot remember the last time he was so sick.”:

Meanwhile, Austin received supports and prayers from his fans on Twitter for his early recovery, using the hashtag #PrayForAustin which easily became a trending topic worldwide:

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SPOTTED: Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia public display of affection!

It's Showtime hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were spotted kissing ang doing some PDA! The report was first posted as a blind item through the website of Michael Lim.

See the photos below:

Until it was found out that the subjects of the blind item are none other than Kuya Germs' bet Billy Crawford and actress/host Coleen Garcia, as justified by the photos below:

The photos shows that the subjects above wear the exactly the same dress as Billy and Coleen below. Therefore the subjects are the It's Showtime hosts.

We could still remember that it was Coleen Garcia - alongside with Andi Eigenmann- being accused as the third-party of Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil's breakup.

Photo credits: Fashion Pulis and Twitter.

For more udates follow @chismoscoop on Twitter.

Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado breakup confirmed

Kapamilya actor Luis Manzano and Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado officially end two-year relationship, this is according to Luis' friend and KrisTV headwriter Darla Sauler.

At first, Luis denied the break-up issue saying he and Jennylyn were okay, by that time. Until today, as per Darla Sauler and another entertainment website finally  confirmed that Luis and Jennylyn's two years of sweet relationship have already ended. 

The former couple was  spotted together at the Aliw Awards, days prior to the break-up.

This break-up issue is a bit of shocker, to think both Luis and Jennylyn enjoys their time together like doing water sports such as scuba diving, and doing out-of-town activities. Also, they both barely making headlines of negative issues affecting their relationship.

In fact, Luis is close to Jen's five years old son, Alex Jazz, treating him as his own son, and Luis's famous mother, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, is in favor of their relationship. 

Jennylyn and Luis both went thorugh in a series of failed relationships, especially to Jen who suffered painful break-ups with actors Dennis Trillo (Which she claimed that she was abused by him, made herself a battered girlfriend in public) and Patrick Garcia (The father of her only son, Alex Jazz).

Meanwhile, Luis and Jennylyn are yet to confirm the break-up officially.


'All That Matters' - Justin Bieber (MUSIC VIDEO)

Teen Superstar Justin Bieber has released the music video for his newest single "All That Matters," that was shot in the great wall of China.

The new single is said to be dedicated to Justin's "ex-girlfriend" Selena Gomez, in relation to this Tweet:

The lyrics of this song are pretty self-explanatory — when you fall in love with someone, that someone can make you feel whole. I feel like anyone who has been in love knows what I mean. The song conveys that being in love is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Love is all that matters. But the void you feel when that love goes away is gut-wrenching. I worked so hard on this song in the studio — trying to put that feeling into music was extremely important to me. I am happy to share it with you. -JB

"All That Matters" is part of Justin's weekly #MusicMondays series, and is currently available for purchase on iTunes Store.

Watch the video here:

Freddie Aguilar kissing 16-year old girlfriend caught in the act! - Viral Photo

Singer Freddie Aguilar - who popularize the hit song "Anak"- once again making headlines, as he has been found out having an affair with a sixteen years old girl, who's currently his girlfriend. Aguilar is more than 40 years older than her which raised eyebrows by others.

But the singer insisted that he truly loved his new gf, and they love each other. In her latest interview with ABS-CBN news, Aguilar revealed that at first he didn't know the girl's age when he first courted her:

"Nung malaman ko, sabi ko, 'Andun na, eh. Ano pa ang magagawa ko?' Aatras ka ba noon, eh na-in love na?" said he.

When asked if how the girl's parents reacted about their relationship, the 60-year old singer said:
"Tanggap na rin siguro. Sabi lang daw sa kanya, 'Mag-ingat ka diyan, babaero daw 'yan!"

The couple recently sighted together when they attended the 5th Star Awards for Music held at Solaire Resorts and Casino in Entertainment City, on Sunday, October 13, 2013.

The couple found doing a "Public Display Of Affection," you can see them kissing in the censored photo below, which is currently circulating in social media:

photo source: facebook

Just recently, Aguilar revealed that he is ready to marry her 16-year old girlfriend in the near future, and - hold your breath- planned to have kids someday.


Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Bohol, Cebu (PHOTOS)

At exactly 8:12 am today, October 15, 2013, people from Bohol were shooked by a major destructive earthquake.

The quake has a magnitude of 7.2, which the epicenter is located at Carmen, Bohol. Around 74 people were reported dead from the provinces of Cebu, Siquijor and Bohol, where most of those killed were hit by falling rubble.

Thousands of families evacuated from the city to high lands due to the scare of an upcoming tsunami. But the National government announced earlier that there is no tsunami alert, as the epicenter of the earthquake occurred in land.

Infrastructure, homes and churches were devastated by the major earthquake. The 500-year old Baclayan Church is partially damaged, while the 300 years old Loboc Church is totally wrecked - both Churches are historical treasure and declared as a National Heritage Sites, in 2010. Other old Churches that have been damaged are the Loon Church (about 45% of detriment ), Loay Church (about 65% of detriment), and Dauis Church (about 60% of detriment).

As of posting, aftershocks arise to 413 and the highest magnitude is at 4.8, which is not so devastating but safety and alertness are advised.

Below are photos of the aftermath of the heartbreaking earthquake:

Photos courtesy of Twitter.

Meanwhile, classes in Bohol are suspended from October 16 to October 18, as majority of the schools are affected by the earthquake. Also, the National Government declared a State of Calamity in Bohol and Cebu Provinces.

The total cost of damage all over the Visayas Region is to be confirmed Tomorrow, October 16, 2013.

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